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“I met Paik Sun Kim, a Korean architect and designer, during his personal exhibit at Hakgojae Gallery in Seoul, for which we realized the prototype of one of his faucet projects. Paik Sun Kim studied oriental painting at university and in fact painting is the driving strength in his lightly outlined projects, showing though an assertive touch, including lots of white and black brush strokes.
His architecture, as well as his objects creations, are a harmonious synthesis of oriental philosophy and modern aesthetic, of art and nature.
We started a collaboration with him which we feel will be long-lasting and of which we are now presenting the result, the product developed starting from that first prototype, a project that has fascinated us for his essentiality, purity and modernity, and which today becomes part of Aboutwater, the collection created by Fantini partnership with Boffi.”

Daniela Fantini


Swissbau 2018





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